COB of Darnitsa group: we invested EUR 10 million into tech projects, R&D, and new medicines production - Новини Ю

COB of Darnitsa group: we invested EUR 10 million into tech projects, R&D, and new medicines production

27.04.2021   17:00    3

Ukraine’s Interfax news reported that in 2019 Darnitsa pharmaceutical company spent €10M on technology. This was stated by Dmytro Shymkiv, Chair of the Board of Darnitsa Group.
Mr. Shymkiv noted that investment in 2019 was 24% higher than in 2018. By his words, during 2015-2018 Darnitsa invested into the development of new medicines and digitalization €30M and €2.33M, respectively.

He added: “In 2019 we put 10M euro into technology, research and novel drug production. It was 24% increase over 2018. In 2015-2019 Darnitsa made 2.33 million euro investment into digital transformation and over thirty million euro investment into new drug launches”.

Also, the Chair of the BOD reminded that the company’ investment structure can be broken down into three segments: 48% was spent on new product development, 34% was tech investments and 16% was invested into digital transformation.

Dmytro Shymkiv told that in 2020 the company produced 9 innovative medications for the treatment of cardiac decease, mental health and neurological conditions. He said that the firm completed 8 bioequivalence studies of its medicines to meet requirements in EU and 6 studies are still continuing.

It is worthwhile to remind that Darnitsa pharmaceutical firm has commenced project on digitalization of drug safety monitoring system. Collection and data exchange will be established with the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The transmittal and exchange of information will be based on international standard E2B.
Also, by the end of 2020 the company plans to digitalize the communication system of pharmaceutical oversight for foreign markets and during the first half of 2021 to arrange training for patients, doctors and medical sales representative.

Darnitsa pharmaceutical company was founded in 1930. Since 1998 the company has captured a dominant share of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine and it is the top pharmaceutical manufacturing firm by production volume. The cardiology, neurology and pain treatment are the company’s strategic direction and priorities regarding developing new drugs. The company beneficiary is Glib Zagoriy’s family.