Habits of people who live without betraying their true self

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Emotional intelligence is a powerful weapon that allows a person to direct his energy in the right direction and, as a result, get simply excellent results. However, there is one small caveat. It is useless if you are not an authentic person.

The results of a study conducted at the Michael J. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington led to the following conclusion: people are not inclined to blindly trust demonstrated signs of emotional intelligence. They want to be sure that these emotions are not fake. Christina Fong, head of the research team, says: “People pay attention to the emotions they see. They really do care about whether the emotions are real or fake."

Within the framework of the same study, it was concluded that leaders who are sincere in their words are much better able to motivate their team. All because their actions allow them to win the trust and respect of subordinates. They not only talk, but also do. Many leaders say that authenticity (sincerity) is very important to them. However, only truly authentic personalities prove it in practice every day.

Authentic personalities don't try to please everyone

Real personalities are what they are. They know that some will like them and some will not. It suits them perfectly. It's not that they don't care at all, they just don't let outside disapproval stop them from doing what they think is right. If necessary, they are ready to make a decision that will not cause approval. Ready to do things that someone might not like.

Because authentic personalities don't crave attention, they don't try to produce themselves. They know that speaking in a friendly manner, consistency and confidence in their own words will lead to people listening attentively and with interest.

They do not judge

True personalities are open to everything new. This is what makes them so interesting. In addition, others feel that they can easily approach and start a conversation. No one wants to talk to a person who has put on a horn and doesn't want to hear anything else.

Broadness of views is a key component of success at work. Accessibility (openness) in a production environment has access to new ideas and help from other people.

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In order to get rid of bias in views and beliefs, it is necessary to look at the world through the eyes of other people. That doesn't mean you have to believe what all these people believe. Doesn't mean you have to excuse their bad behavior. This means that you need to get rid of the habit or desire to judge. Only then will you allow them to be who they are.

Authentic individuals pave their own path in life

The happiness and self-affirmation of authentic individuals does not depend on the opinion of others. They are free to go where their inner compass points them. They know who they are. They don't try to pretend to be someone else. They know in which direction they need to go. This knowledge is based on their own principles and values.

Authentic personalities are generous

Each of us has had to work with such people who do not want to share anything. It can be some resources or information. They may fear that you will surpass them.

Authentic personalities are incredibly generous in this regard. They are ready to provide contacts of the right people, share their knowledge and resources. They sincerely want you to do your job as well as possible. Such people are team players. Among other things, they are self-confident. They don't think your success can reflect badly on them. They believe that your success is their success too.

Authentic personalities treat everyone with respect

They are always very polite and treat their interlocutors with respect. It doesn't matter if it's a conversation with important clients or a waiter at a restaurant where they've come to dine. They do not consider themselves superior to others.

Authentic personalities are not fixated on material values

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Real people don't need expensive things and fancy gadgets to be happy. They see nothing wrong with buying high-quality and beautiful things, it's just that their happiness does not depend on their presence or absence.

Happiness lives in their hearts. They enjoy the important moments in life—the moments spent with friends and family. They find pleasure in realizing the meaning of their lives. This is what makes life truly interesting.

They can be trusted

People gravitate towards real personalities because they know they can be trusted. When you do not know what a person really is, it is difficult for you to love and respect him. Authentic personalities say what they think. If they make a promise, they will definitely keep it. From such a person you will never hear something like: "Nonsense. I only said this to end our meeting sooner.'' They say only what they believe to be true and what they are sure of.

It is difficult to offend them

They are confident in themselves. They do not look for images where there are none. If someone criticizes their ideas, they don't see it as a kind of challenge. They don't see the point in jumping to conclusions, taking a deadly offense at someone, and thinking of a revenge plan.

They are able to objectively assess negative and constructive criticism, identify points that really need attention, and make the necessary corrections. They leave everything else behind the scenes, while not offending anyone.

They always put the phone down during a conversation

The habit of texting while talking to someone or regularly looking at the phone screen can discourage the interlocutor from continuing the conversation with you.

Real personalities pay attention exclusively to this conversation. The conversation is more interesting and flows more productively when you are completely immersed in it. If you start a conversation just for the sake of a tick, while not letting go of the phone, it becomes difficult for your interlocutor to establish a relationship with you.

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Authentic personalities give meaning to even short, everyday conversations. They are genuinely interested in the people around them. That is why they so easily manage to ask interesting questions and compare the received information with the interlocutor's life as a whole.

They are not driven by their ego

They don't make decisions based solely on what their ego tells them to do. To be satisfied, they do not need to be admired and loved by others. They don't try to be in the center of attention. They do not try to ascribe to themselves the merits of others. They just do what needs to be done. At the same time, they do not shout at the top of their lungs: "Hey, look at me!"

They cannot be called two-faced

They follow their own advice. That is, in a similar situation, they will act similarly, not vice versa. The whole thing is that they know themselves very well. Liars or cunning people simply do not even realize their mistakes. They are blind and do not see their own weaknesses. Authentic personalities are completely different. Before doing something and saying that they are working on their weaknesses and mistakes.

They never brag

We all had to work with people who only do what they say about themselves and their achievements. Have you ever wondered why they do this? They can talk about themselves without thinking because they are not sure of themselves. Because they are afraid that if they do not talk about their achievements, no one will notice them.

Authentic personalities have nothing to brag about. They are proud of their achievements. At the same time, they are well aware that a truly noteworthy achievement will become the property of the public due to the benefit that it has entailed. It is no longer important how many people will learn about it and appreciate it.

Real people know who they are. They are self-confident, clearly aware of what is happening around them and live in the moment. They do not try to unravel someone's secret plan and do not waste energy on intrigues.