A woman has come up with a way to check the decency of her future husband with the help of tea

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A Japanese woman has invented the perfect way to test her partner to see if he will be a good man. For this, it is enough just to brew tea and see what happens to it.

A Twitter user from Japan showed a way to test your partner and find out what he will be like in marriage. A Japanese woman offered to test her loved one with tea.

If you're saying, "I don't know how to know if my boyfriend will be a good man," here are some tips. The answer is a pitcher of iced tea.

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You just need to leave the drink in the refrigerator and watch what happens as the tea is gradually drunk. The moment of truth will come when there is almost nothing left in the jug.

When the container begins to empty, the guy who silently makes a new drink will be a good man. If he leaves a little liquid in the jug for his girlfriend to make new tea, then he will be a bad husband.

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Subscribers liked the life hack so much that the post instantly gained almost 200 likes. And many people in the comments agreed that this method can really show the decency of the future husband.

  • There is absolutely no question of a person who drinks water and returns an empty bottle to the refrigerator.
  • This is a really important point. My ex-husband never made tea, even though I asked him to make it. But he didn't get his favorite noodle soup for it
  • I always tell my son that if he doesn't do his housework, no girl will want to marry him.
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And some commentators have found their own ways of checking partners.

  • The same can be the case with a bag of milk to wash, dry and disassemble, with toilet paper, with packaging and a lid from a plastic bottle.
  • I see things like this everywhere.