Forgetfulness can cause inconvenience and trouble, with what it can be connected

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Why does the memory fail: how can the situation be corrected.

Our brain's ability to forget is a natural protective response. Otherwise, our psyche simply could not bear the overload. But forgetfulness with frequent repetition begins to cause inconvenience and trouble, informs Ukr.Media.

What can this be connected with and how can the situation be corrected?

Lack of sleep

This is one of the most common causes of forgetfulness in young people of working age. The crazy pace of life, overtime work and hanging out on the Internet are all indirect factors that affect the problem. As a result, a person allocates less than 6 hours to sleep. And, according to scientists' observations, after a week of such lack of sleep, the brain's ability to remember information decreases. And the worst thing you can do in this situation is to try to fight forgetfulness with drugs.

Forgetfulness due to lack of rest is not pathological. To eliminate it, it is enough to competently organize the mode of work and rest and to get enough sleep regularly.

Unbalanced nutrition

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Diets and especially monodiets for weight loss can lead to memory impairment. Particularly unfavorable in this sense are excessively strict keto diets, when carbohydrates are practically excluded from the diet, and the amount of fat is reduced to a minimum. The fact is that the brain needs fatty acids for normal functioning. And with their deficiency, cognitive functions and memory suffer. Therefore, it is better to abandon diets.

Instead, you should adjust your diet, make it healthy and balanced and appropriate in terms of calories for your body constitution. And let's not forget that eating at night is a big mistake. The body prepares for sleep and slows down, and you make the stomach work and digest food with a late dinner.

Passion for bad habits

Alcohol and smoking cause serious memory problems at the physiological level. Each smoked cigarette leads to at least a spasm of blood vessels, not to mention the fact that nicotine provokes the death of cells responsible for quick response and memorization. But alcohol disrupts concentration. Cognitive abilities decrease, and physical and psychological fatigue increases. As a result, there is a setback in the development of the brain - hence forgetfulness and partial loss of memories.

Striving to be in time for everything and always

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If your diary is constantly overflowing with a dozen things that need to be done, it is possible that the cause of forgetfulness is banal overwork. The brain simply cannot cope with the multitasking that you force it to work under. To distract himself a little, he begins to select and take into account only the most important tasks, and simply forgets the rest. Therefore, try to assign an adequate number of cases that you can handle without losses.

Dehydration of the body

Along with fatty acids, for the brain to function optimally, it also needs a sufficient amount of water. We don't always notice when we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of things that we drink too little. But what we drink is even more important. Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, instead of regulating the water balance, on the contrary, remove the liquid. As a result, the brain begins to work worse. Memory is one of the first to suffer. Therefore, it is advisable to replace at least partially the drinks listed above with plain drinking water without gas.

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Unexpected and unpleasant surprises at work and at home often lead to shock of the nervous system. If such episodes are repeated, chronic stress occurs. The nervous system is in constant tension, and the body throws all its forces not on memorization, but on survival. So to overcome forgetfulness in this case, a good (sometimes long) rest and elimination of factors that cause stress will help. There is nothing easier than getting rid of something that prevents you from living normally.