The raccoon stuck his head into the can and was confused

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It is good that in our world there are many caring people who will not be able to pass someone else's misfortune without trying to help. Recently, people had to save a four-legged foodie who loves human food.

So, the rescuers managed to free a raccoon from a metal trap - the fact is that while digging in the trash, the animal wanted to feast on the remains of human food, and as a result, it got its face stuck in a jam jar. In this way, excessive curiosity drove the raccoon into a trap. Veterinarians from the US Wildlife Center wrote about this incident on Facebook.

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It is not difficult to guess what happened next - the can was firmly stuck on the animal's head, and its fate would have inspired great fears if the poor fellow had not caught the eyes of the employees of the local animal protection society.

The raccoon was taken to the Wildlife Center in Oconomowoc (Wisconsin, USA), and the veterinarians immediately realized that the patient would have to be tranquilized, which was done. They freed the animal's head by cutting open the can.

As the article emphasizes, experts were afraid that the animal had been without normal access to air for a very long time or could have died from dehydration, but fortunately, everything went well. After the rescue, the animal was examined by a veterinarian: there was no sore on the neck, and if the raccoon itself was dehydrated and hungry, it was not much. It is reported that the patient was kept under observation for several days and later released.

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I would like to believe that from now on this raccoon will avoid cans, because getting to know one of them almost cost him too much. In turn, animal rights activists ask everyone, when throwing glass or plastic cans in the garbage, to always put a lid on them so that animals cannot stick their paws or heads inside.

By the way, the raccoon is an omnivorous animal and its diet depends entirely on the season. The basis of their nutrition in nature is various insects, reptiles, bird eggs, rodents, fish, crayfish, crabs, lobsters and other small animals. Also, in warm climates or in summer, raccoons prefer to eat fruits, berries, nuts and acorns. But raccoons living near people are not averse to rummaging through garbage in search of food.

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