Scrambled eggs and frying in butter - nutritionists have changed their minds about cooking

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Scrambled eggs are not a standout dish, but they are very popular. It is prepared every morning by millions of people all over the world. This is one of the first dishes that everyone learns to cook. They say if you know how to fry scrambled eggs, you'll never be hungry.

There is one question that causes controversy among fans of fried eggs: "Can it be fried in oil?".

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Previously, nutritionists categorically denied the possibility of frying in oil. They said it was very harmful. However, the researchers decided to find the basis for such conclusions. In 2007, they determined the level of cholesterol in people who like to fry scrambled eggs in butter. And they did not find an increase in indicators.

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Nutritionists say that you can use fats of any origin. But you need to know the measure. It depends on it, how many and what substances will enter the body.

If you use butter, don't let it brown and black in a hot pan. It is safer to fry in ghee. By the way, it can be done at home.

Latest news:  A fifth of adults have mental health problems