What is the penalty for stopping or parking in places for electric vehicles

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In Ukraine, it is forbidden to stop, stand or park in places designated for vehicles with electric motors. Fines are also imposed for creating obstacles for drivers of electric vehicles during a stop or parking, says MMR referring to the publication rbc.ua

According to Article 122 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, a fine from 340 to 510 hryvnias is provided for stopping or parking at places for electric transport. The same penalty is provided for creating obstacles for drivers of electric vehicles.

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Article 152-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses also defines fines for parking in places designated for electric vehicles in the amount of 340 to 510 hryvnias. These places should be marked with appropriate road signs or markings.

Places for parking electric vehicles are considered to be specially equipped or designated sites, places near residential buildings (except for individual ones) and on sidewalks.

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The size of the fine is determined in the non-taxable minimum income of citizens, which for the purposes of application is 17 hryvnias for one minimum.