How to grow lemongrass in an apartment: combine the pleasant with the useful

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Lemongrass, citronella, lemon grass, as soon as this plant is not called yet. Its main essence is that it is endowed with unique healing properties. Summer residents try to grow lemongrass, but this is not the most practical way, if you think from the point of view of folk medicine. It is better when the plant is accessible at any time of the year. So, it is better to grow lemongrass in an apartment. Is this possible?

The plant belongs to cereals, but it is cultivated for its leaves. They are famous for their pleasant lemon-ginger taste. And it is useless to grow in unprotected soil - the plant will die in the first autumn frosts.

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Tea with this herb has a calming effect, is useful for anxiety disorders, insomnia, stress, removes toxins, activates digestion and metabolism, acts as an antipyretic, and also helps with headaches.

We grow at home

  1. It is necessary to create the conditions of a humid and hot climate: air temperature from 25 degrees in summer and 16-18 degrees in winter. The air must be moist - these are the most important conditions for the growth of grass in the apartment.
  2. Choose loose and air-permeable soil (universal or for vegetables). And there will be enough nutrients for several months. And then once a month lemongrass will have to be fertilized.
  3. It should be understood that under natural conditions lemongrass grows up to 1,5-2 meters. In an apartment, it is more than modest and will rarely grow to 1 meter in height. Therefore, the container for its planting should be deep and not more than 25-30 cm.
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How it reproduces

You can sow seeds, divide rhizomes, or use cuttings. In the latter case, cuttings 5-7 cm long are left in water in the sun for 10-20 days. After the roots appear, the cuttings are kept in water for another two weeks and, when the roots are strong, they are planted in the soil.

How to care

It is necessary to protect the grass from drafts, which, surprisingly, lead to rotting of horses.

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It is also important to water lemongrass regularly, monitor soil and air humidity, and temperature.

In the summer, the plant can be brought out to the country - mosquitoes and other pests do not like it. But even in an apartment, lemongrass will feel good.