How to sterilize jars in a microwave oven without water

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Although summer has only just begun, the first berries have already arrived, very soon summer residents and gardeners will have their own zucchini and cucumbers. So the housewives will start the spinning season. For this, it is necessary to prepare banks first.

Sterilization of jars by boiling began relatively recently.


Our grandmothers used to wash cans and dry them in the sun. The method of sterilization, to put it bluntly, is far from ideal.

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Now more and more housewives use a microwave oven for sterilization.

The most popular method of sterilizing cans in a microwave oven is dry.

There is no need to mess with water, pour and pour water, fearing scalding.

How to sterilize jars in a microwave oven

Banks should be thoroughly washed with a detergent, then treated with soda and washed under running water.

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Now pour 50 ml of water into each jar and put it in the microwave so that the containers do not touch each other.

"Cook" the cans for 2-3 minutes at maximum power. Further, such cans can be used for procurement.

It is worth noting that jars sterilized in a microwave oven can be used for twisting salads, vegetables in marinade.

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This method of sterilization is not suitable for jam, it is better to boil the container or steam it.

To do this, you need to fill the jar with water up to the neck and heat it in the microwave at maximum power for 10 minutes. The water will boil, and the steam will destroy all bacteria.