How to sleep all night without waking up: expert advice

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In order to sleep soundly without waking up, experts advised to stick to a schedule and avoid resting in bed during the day. It is also not recommended to indulge in smartphones and caffeine before bed.

Journalists of the Express publication spoke with experts on this topic. So, according to the latest research by the private London laboratory Thriva, only 29 percent of Britons wake up feeling refreshed. It is noted that ordinary habits can help to change this indicator.

5 tips for sound sleep

Maintain a regular sleep pattern

Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day is essential to maintaining your body's sleep clock.

Dr Roshan Mohidin, general practitioner and behavior change specialist at Vitality, said: "Many people are working from home, so they've lost the habit of commuting every day and that can mean there's more temptation to stay in bed."

But the doctor insists that maintaining a regular regimen is necessary to "synchronize the body's sleep patterns."

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When this is disrupted, it can be more difficult for your body to know when you want to go to sleep, and therefore the quality of your sleep will inevitably decrease.

Avoid lying down (even on weekends)

You may be tempted to lie down during your free time, but sleep expert Stephanie Romieszewski warns that this only perpetuates bad sleep cycles and can lead to insomnia.

"When we're lying down, it's hard for our brain to know when we're feeling sleepy, because it knows you've slept 'extra', even if you went to bed later and didn't get enough sleep," she added.

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Reduce screen time before bed

Many have a habit of watching videos on YouTube or social networks in bed when they are awake. However, it will seriously prevent you from falling asleep. Avoid this temptation, keep your phone, tablet and laptop out of the bedroom, advises Go Wild consultant Daniel Perez Vidal.

Make sure you sleep in the right position

Many of us turn around trying to find the best position to take a nap. Narwan Amini, a sleep expert at the blog Each Night, noted that for the average person, side sleeping is generally considered the healthiest sleeping position. But he added that sleeping on the stomach is the worst position. This pose can lead to many problems such as muscle and joint tension, stiffness, back and neck pain.

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Avoid certain drinks

A cup of tea helps you relax, but it contains a huge amount of caffeine, which can disturb your sleep.

If you can't live without this drink, try a caffeine-free version or opt for herbal options like chamomile.

Drinking alcohol can also seriously impair your sleep. Try not to use it in the evening to get a good night's sleep.