For the first time in the war: SSO fighters hit the newest Russian communication station (VIDEO)

19.06.2024/05/09 XNUMX:XNUMX    13

For the first time during the war, SSO fighters attacked the newest Russian communication station, using "one of the newest developments that came into service"

This is stated in the message of the Special Operations Forces, Chroniclers reports.

"Operators of the 3rd SSO regiment, while working on one of the operational lines, identified the Russian digital radio relay station R-416ГМ. It is known that the Russian army adopted this complex in 2018. The mobile station is designed to increase the efficiency of radio relay communication units in the field," the military said.

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They hit the target, using "one of the latest developments that came into service with the SSO", and hit it. Thanks to this, the connection between the command post and the units of the Russian army was broken.

"It should be noted that this R-416ГМ station is the first to be hit by the Ukrainian military during the war," the SSO added.

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