A desperate turtle has furnished all the submarines of the planet

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Western Pacific leatherback turtle, which migrates from its nesting places, dived to a huge depth - 1,3 km, namely - 1 meters. This happened at the beginning of 344, as reported by environmentalists, write LiveScience. Scientists saw it from a satellite.

At this depth leatherback turtle dived deeper than the current Guinness record from the deepest dive of turtles — 1 m, set by another species of reptiles that dive the deepest. By comparison, Navy submarines dived to a depth of about 280 m, while the deepest dive by a man with a scuba was 900 m.

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A leatherback turtle on wet sand heads for the sea.
A leatherback turtle on wet sand heads to sea after nesting in the Solomon Islands.

Researchers recorded this dive as part of an as yet unpublished satellite study, which helps protect leatherback turtles. One more the tagged turtle swam across the entire Pacific Ocean. Marine scientist Peter Waldie, who heads the Solomon Islands Conservation Programme, described the deep dive and epic migration as "truly spectacular".

“The ability to swim non-stop all the way across the Pacific Ocean or dive to the depths on one breath like a Navy submarine is simply amazing. Leatherback turtles are incredible creatures." he told reporters.

These incredible creatures look like this.
These incredible creatures look like this.

A representative of the Guinness Book of World Records explained that the turtle's deepest dive will be considered as a record, which they will check together with expert specialists after the corresponding publication.

"We usually wait until the results are reviewed and published in a peer-reviewed journal before we consider them," a company spokesperson said.