Macron's election gambit is causing chaos and anger in his party - Bloomberg

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French President Emmanuel Macron's decision to dissolve the National Assembly and hold new elections has caused discontent and chaos among his entourage, in particular, in his Renaissance party. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency.

"Legislators and officials from the Renaissance party of 46-year-old President Macron have so far tried to agree on a plan for early elections. Some reacted with fury, others struggled to understand the political logic, and many were pessimistic about their prospects of winning the election announced by Macron," the publication said.

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Macron decided to initiate parliamentary elections to regain the political initiative after his party was completely defeated by the far-right National Union of Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament elections held on Sunday, June 9, the agency said.

According to a source familiar with the situation, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and the head of the National Assembly, Yael Braun-Pivet, opposed the decision.

"When Macron announced his decision, there was shock and anger in our ranks... It felt as if he had sent us into a battle where we were doomed to defeat," said Renaissance MP Christophe Marion.

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In the elections to the European Parliament, Marine Le Pen's party received 31,8% of the vote, Macron's Renaissance party was supported by only 15,2% of the electorate. After that, the French leader announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and the holding of early parliamentary elections. Earlier today, Europe 1, citing a source, reported that Macron is in discussion with his entourage about the possibility of resigning from the post of president in the event of a right-wing victory in the parliamentary elections.

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By the way, a day after Emmanuel Macron announced early elections, the country's two leading far-right forces began negotiations on a possible unification to form the next government. This is reported by Politico. The main candidate in the elections to the European Parliament from the far-right Reconquista party, Marion Marechal, met with Marine Le Pen and the president of the National Union, Jordan Bardella, to discuss a potential alliance.