The scientist named six scenarios for the death of humanity

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Swedish futurologist Karim Jebari proposed several possible options for the death of humanity. The reason can be the climate, a nuclear war, an epidemic, the eruption of a huge volcano, artificial intelligence or even a space object.

This was reported Planet News with reference to Yle.

Climate crisis

The climate on the planet is constantly changing and creates a huge number of problems. Of course, global warming will not directly lead to the death of humanity, but its consequences can be catastrophic. Jebari suggests that the temperature may rise so much that people simply will not be able to live on the planet. There are no serious reasons to assume that the temperature will reach several hundred degrees, but the threat should not be ruled out. Global warming can cause problems with the economy, provoke epidemics and even wars.

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Eruption of a supervolcano

There are 20 supervolcanoes on our planet that are filled with magma. Today, Yellowstone is considered the most popular. Supervolcanoes erupt approximately once every 100 years. So much lava flows out of the earth's crust that it is capable of destroying all life in a huge area around the volcano. At the same time, the scientist believes that the eruption is unlikely to destroy all people.


Different diseases are transmitted very quickly between people and therefore they can pose a serious danger. The most dangerous are those that people can continue to live with, but will infect everyone around them. In addition, those diseases that spread with the help of animals are very dangerous.

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Nuclear war

The futurologist believes that war is the most likely option. First, there may be a small nuclear explosion that will cause a global conflict. As a result, a nuclear winter may well begin. After that, the temperature on the planet will drop by at least 10-20 degrees, which will be a disaster for agriculture, with all the ensuing consequences.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is used by people even in everyday life. At the same time, experts want to create such an artificial intelligence that could replace humans in almost all areas. A scientist from Sweden believes that it is very unlikely that people will be able to either create such an intelligent AI, or then lose control over it.

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Space poses a great danger to the Earth and humanity. There is a risk that a huge asteroid will hit the planet, although this is not likely to happen anytime soon. Do not forget about aliens, who, if they exist, may not be friendly towards people.