Scientists have discovered that television reduces people's mental abilities

15.06.2024/14/30 XNUMX:XNUMX    24

Recently, an international group of scientists conducted several studies on how watching TV affects people's mental abilities.

The results of all experiments, in which almost 17 people took part, showed that regular and long-term viewing of television programs reduces cognitive abilities by an average of 7%.

It is noteworthy that this applies not only to those who like to watch various talk shows. The same effect was recorded from sports programs, series and other projects. Experts do not rule out that the decline in mental abilities is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, which is followed by people who often watch TV.

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Research on retirees has shown that in adulthood, people who constantly watch TV have a decrease in the amount of gray matter, which indicates a gradual deterioration of the brain.