ISW explained why Russia imitates the desire for negotiations

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Putin considers the Russian Federation's preservation of control over the currently occupied territory of Ukraine as a non-negotiable basis for negotiations

Analysts suggest that Russia's feigned "interest" in the negotiations should force the West to support territorial concessions.

ISW explained why Russia imitates the desire for negotiations

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The Kremlin pretends to be interested in negotiations, but in fact seeks to convince the West to make concessions on the issue of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The formal head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, sets himself the goal of destroying Ukrainian statehood. This is stated in a report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

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"Putin and the Kremlin have noticeably increased their expansionist rhetoric regarding Ukraine since December 2023 and are increasingly indicating that Russia intends to conquer more territory in Ukraine and seeks to completely destroy Ukrainian statehood and identity," the report says.

The military actions and offensive in the Kharkiv region indicate that Moscow is more interested in achieving its long-term goal of a maximalist victory in Ukraine than in any settlement that would immediately freeze the front line at the current level.

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In addition, Putin considers Russia's retention of control over the currently occupied Ukrainian territory as a non-negotiable basis for negotiations, ISW recalled.

A Russian victory in the war would not only remove the threat of Ukraine as a potential adversary in a possible conflict with NATO, but would also give the Russian Federation access to millions of people it could conscript into the army and to much of Ukraine's resources and industrial potential.

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Analysts believe that Putin sees victory in Ukraine as a prerequisite for waging war with NATO.