A family of alligators settled near the house of an American, but the man did not like such a neighborhood

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The reptile got offspring just in the backyard of the house, in the garden area, and did not want to leave. The owner was shocked and scared when he discovered dangerous neighbors. A curious story happened in the southeast of the USA, in the state of Florida. How did it all end?

“I was stunned how she (the female crocodile) got into my fully fenced backyard. Then I discovered her nest where she laid her eggs. I called her Matilda," said its author and the owner of the plot, next to which a real alligator settled, in the comments to the curious clip.

According to the owner of the house, the toothy predator often visited his garden through the fence. In the footage of the video, the man recorded how it usually happens.

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At first it amused him, but later, seeing that the female alligator did not think of leaving his territory, and besides, she was still waiting for a new addition to the family, he was not jokingly scared. Living side by side with a whole family of crocodiles is a dubious pleasure!

He had to call an experienced specialist in catching dangerous reptiles. It was not possible to catch the one and a half meter long predator right away. At the same time, neighbors and concerned residents of the city, having learned about this story from social networks, asked not to destroy the crocodile eggs, which was done by special services.

According to the author of the video, in the end, the mother and her future offspring, which have not yet hatched from the eggs, were humanely relocated to a quiet and little-known place near water in the wild, where she will now be able to live peacefully while waiting for the offspring.

"The eggs were noticed, numbered and taken away. I and literally thousands of interested observers on social media were very happy to learn that Matilda and her future children have been humanely moved to, by far, the best place deep in some Florida swamp!” the man shared.