New rules have been prepared for Ukrainians in Poland: who will remain without payments and go home

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From July 1, 2024, Ukrainian refugees in Poland will face significant changes related to the cancellation of some benefits and the introduction of new conditions for the provision of assistance. Polish President Andrzej Duda signed an amendment to the law on assistance to refugees from Ukraine, which defines new rules and conditions for receiving support.

Extension of the term of temporary protection

One of the key aspects of the new amendment is the extension of temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees until September 30, 2025. This will provide Ukrainians with access to medical services, social and family benefits, benefits from ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), as well as the opportunity to live in collective accommodation facilities.

Refugees, photo: screenshot from the video
Refugees, photo: screenshot from the video

New terms of payments for schoolchildren and students

The Dobry Start program, which provides for payment of PLN 300 once a year for the purchase of school supplies, will now be available only to families whose children are completing a one-year school preparation program, a compulsory school program, or studying in pre-school education institutions.

There is also an innovation for students: they can participate in additional free Polish language lessons only for three years. This restriction applies to students who started their studies in the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 academic years.

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New rules for identity verification

To obtain a PESEL number, Ukrainian citizens will now have to present a valid travel document issued by the voivodeship at their place of residence. This will simplify the identity verification process and speed up the process of obtaining a PESEL number. In addition, you will need to apply for a PESEL number with UKR status immediately upon arrival in Poland.

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Accommodation and food allowance

From July 1, financing of support in the form of accommodation and food for Ukrainian refugees will be possible only on the basis of an agreement concluded with the local voivodeship or local self-government body. This innovation is aimed at more efficient use of funds and provision of assistance to those who need it most.

The rules for participation in the costs of accommodation and meals in collective accommodation centers will also change. This is intended to make the collection of appropriate subsidies more effective.

Cancellation of some benefits and payments

Starting from July 1, the benefits related to the compensation of expenses for the stay and food of the refugees, which were incurred by the owners of private property, will be canceled. Assistance for financing the production of photographs and a one-time cash assistance of 300 zlotys will also be discontinued.

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Cancellation of temporary residence permits

The law also provides new grounds for canceling temporary residence permits for citizens of Ukraine. The permit can be canceled if it is necessary for reasons of national security, if a citizen of Ukraine leaves the territory of Poland for a period of at least six months, or if his data is included in the list of persons whose stay in Poland is undesirable.

Intercultural assistants in schools

To facilitate the adaptation of Ukrainian children in Polish schools, a new position of intercultural assistant is being introduced. These specialists will help children who do not know the Polish language or speak it at an insufficient level for learning to better integrate into the educational process.