The EU has decided to catch up and overtake Russia in the production of shells: the deadlines have been announced

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By 2025, the EU plans to catch up with the Russian Federation in terms of the amount of ammunition produced. This was stated by the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, in an interview with La Tribune.

According to him, this year the countries of the European Union intend to increase their production capacity to 1,7 million shells per year. And already in 2025, Europe plans to reach the level of 2,5 million shells per year.

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"We accelerated the production of ammunition. In March 2023, we produced 500 shells a year in Europe and were already better at this than the Americans, who produced only 300. But since then we have doubled this capacity," said the commissioner.

How many shells does Russia produce?

At the end of May, Western media published information that Russia allegedly produces 3-4 times more artillery shells than Western countries: 4,5 million versus 1,3 million. However, this information turned out to be incorrect, as it is based on a misinterpretation of the data.

As Ruslan Leviev, the head of the analytical group Conflict Intelligence Team, explained, the British publication Sky News, which disseminated this data, compared different nomenclature of projectiles. So, for Russia, all types of artillery shells were taken into account, which gave 4,5 million shells per year. And NATO countries included only one caliber of projectiles in the statistics - 155 mm, which gave a modest 1,3 million projectiles.

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