Five pedestrians were killed by a minivan in Russia (VIDEO)

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In total, nine people got under the wheels of the minivan, which, according to preliminary data, was driven by a drunk driver. Five were killed, four were injured.

Five pedestrians were killed by a minivan in Russia

Photo: A frame from a video of a traffic accident in Blagoveshchensk

In the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, on the border with China, a minivan hit nine pedestrians on the sidewalk, five of them died. This was reported by the Russian TV channel Mash on Friday, June 14.

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"Nine pedestrians were hit by a minivan on the sidewalk in Blagoveshchensk. The moment of the accident on video. Previously, five people died, four were injured. There are minors among them," says the comment to the video.

After some time, a message appeared that the driver, according to preliminary data, was drunk.

According to Mash, he was previously fined only for speeding.

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Eyewitnesses of the accident in Blagovishchensk surrounded the driver of a minivan, who hit nine people on the sidewalk. He himself is just sitting on the lawn covered in blood and cannot explain anything.