The Pentagon explained how US aid affected the situation at the front

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The assistance of the United States of America allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to slow down the offensive of the occupying forces of the Russian Federation in the Kharkiv region. In addition, it helped to ensure a strong hold on the defensive line.

"The Russians have really slowed down in terms of the progress they've been making near Kharkiv," said US Defense Department spokesman General Patrick Ryder, quoted by the Pentagon press service.

Ryder stated two main achievements:

  • firstly, Ukrainians can continue to hold the front line,
  • secondly, that American aid in general began to reach the Armed Forces.
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The spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense added that the next meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine in the Rammstein format will be held this week in Brussels. The participants of the meeting will discuss important issues in detail.

The war in Ukraine is the situation at the front

The hottest direction of the front today is the stretch from Chasovoy Yar to Ocheretino. In order to seize the entire Donetsk region, the aggressor country must cut off this arc of Ukrainian defense, explained military expert Serhii Grabskyi. Of the total number of Russian troops, which number about 550, half (270 people) are concentrated in the eastern direction.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham explained why the Russian Federation is fighting in Ukraine.

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"They are sitting on 10-12 trillion dollars of critically important minerals in Ukraine. They could be the richest country in all of Europe. I do not want to give this money and these assets to China. Help Ukraine now. They can become the best business partner we have ever dreamed of," said the American politician.