Peugeot Landtrek test drive: we study the strengths and weaknesses of the mysterious pickup

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The full-size Peugeot Landtrek pickup truck appeared on the Ukrainian market last year, and immediately attracted considerable attention from potential customers due to the increased demand for such commercial vehicles both in the police and in various service companies. What did buyers find interesting in the car, and what could be changed?


Where did the powerful pickup come from?

The Peugeot Landtrek is based on the Changan F70 pickup truck - a joint development of engineers of the French concern and the Chinese automaker. The fact is that Changan and Stellantis have a joint venture in China. The development of cars under the Chinese and French brands proceeded in parallel.

The models share a chassis with a solid rear axle, cab frame and some body panels. But the original design of the "Landtrack" is in the style of modern Peugeots. Basic "working" versions have simple lighting and black bumpers, while more expensive cars have body-colored bodywork and LED headlights.

Moreover, the range includes not only a pickup with a two-row cab, but also a single-row version and even a chassis with a cab for installing third-party add-ons, but only the four-door Landtrek with a length of 5330 mm is available on the Ukrainian market. It has a loading platform of 1630 mm, the loading platform itself is equipped with LED lighting and a 12-volt outlet. The load capacity is about 1 ton, in addition, the pickup can tow a trailer weighing 3,5 tons.

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What is hidden in the cabin?

The salon near the Peugeot pickup is made in the style of the brand's cars. Here you can find a two-spoke steering wheel, instruments with a "mirror" scale of the tachometer and characteristic switches on the central console. Interestingly, in some markets, instead of the standard front passenger seat, you can order a two-seater "bench" with a folding section that can be turned into a table. This option is especially relevant for the single-row version, but it can also be ordered for a two-row pickup, in which case it can accommodate six passengers.

But the test car has a pair of wide and comfortable seats with adjustable lumbar support. In general, the interior of the basic versions is modestly equipped, but the hero of our test is equipped with a ten-inch media system screen, dual-zone climate control and all-around cameras, the car also carries six airbags on board. The total volume of compartments and niches for small things is 27 liters.

In general, a high "captain's" seat, comfortable seats, hefty exterior mirrors and all-round cameras make moving around the city easy and confident. The blind spot sensor is not enough for complete comfort.

Highway and city check

The test pickup is equipped with a 1,9-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 150 "forces", which works in a pair with a 6-speed "mechanics" and an all-wheel drive system with the possibility of hard locking of the rear inter-wheel differential.

The AUTOGEEK team covered almost 900 km on country roads. What can you say? The most comfortable speed for the "Frenchman" is about 110 km/h, because at higher speeds, the car's not very powerful engine starts to disturb those present in the cabin with its voice.

It is also worth noting that the pickup truck has a fairly comfortable suspension, however, if there is no load in the body, large potholes constantly try to knock the car off course, so you need to periodically adjust the trajectory of the steering wheel. When the car hits the road with a fragmented presence of asphalt, the suspension perceives most defects in the form of pits, cracks and ruts like children's toys, and the high profile of the tires and the repeated wheelbase length almost completely eliminate the "jumping" typical for pickups when moving. At the same time, excessively large pits with sharp broken edges respond with a noticeable vibration on the steering wheel, but the body continues to move almost calmly. In fact, the French pickup can be called the most comfortable in its class on the Ukrainian market.

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In order for the acceleration process in the city from traffic lights to become as fast as possible, you will have to manipulate the lever and clutch pedal very skillfully. For more or less intense acceleration, the engine has to be "twisted" almost to the red zone in fourth gear. On the other hand, in a calm driving mode, the elasticity of the engine allows you to engage the maximum sixth gear already at a speed of just over 50 km/h, and it is even better to start "on empty" from the second gear. Moreover, the acceleration to the maximum allowable within the city limits of 50 km/h happens much faster than you are ready to imagine.

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As for "appetite", on the highway at a speed of 105-100 km/h, a pickup truck on "cruise" consumes about 8,5-9 liters per 100 km, in the city fuel consumption increases by about a liter. But the car has a good "range" - a 65-liter tank is enough for 750-800 km.

Asking price and surprise

The starting configuration of the Active includes the following equipment: cruise control, Hill Start Assist, a rearview camera and a parking sensor, fog lights, and 17-inch alloy wheels. The automaker also took care of comfort on board, so this equipment is equipped with air conditioning, a multifunctional steering wheel, and a multimedia system with a 10-inch touch screen. Prices for such a car start at UAH 1.

The test pickup is made in a more expensive version called Allure, which offers an even more extensive list of equipment. In the car, you can find a tire pressure monitoring system, a lane departure warning system, a keyless access system, a front parking sensor with a 360° view camera, heated exterior mirrors, etc. Prices for the "top" start at UAH 1.

Already at the stage of preparing the material, it became known that a limited series of pickup trucks with a 2,4-liter gasoline engine with 210 horsepower combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission will appear in the dealer network in the near future.