A terrible flood has engulfed China: hundreds of houses have been destroyed, there are deaths

19.06.2024/00/29 XNUMX:XNUMX    16

At once, several Chinese provinces are struggling with extreme rains and the floods they have caused. This is reported by Reuters.

According to the agency, nine people died due to rains and landslides in Guangdong and Fujian. Another 17 people are missing.

Helicopters were sent to the affected regions to evacuate and deliver goods to the victims.

The Bureau of Meteorology classified the downpour as an "extreme event". Due to bad weather, 378 houses collapsed in Wuping County alone. In some areas, precipitation broke historical records.

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Many areas in southern China have reportedly been affected by rain over the past few days. Due to the rains, the water level in five rivers rose by 1-3 meters.

Floods in India - details

India and Nepal also suffer from floods and landslides. Last week in the Indian state of Sikkim, at least 6 people were killed by bad weather. And in Nepal, a landslide destroyed a house with its inhabitants. People were sleeping peacefully in their beds at the time of the disaster.

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The weather also washed away roads, stranding 2 tourists in India. In addition, about 50 houses were partially or completely destroyed by the rains.