The United States allocates $1,5 billion to restore Ukraine's energy sector

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The United States announced the allocation of more than 1,5 billion dollars to strengthen Ukraine's energy sector, address humanitarian needs, and strengthen civil security. write Public

This was announced by Vice President Kamala Harris, transmits White House.

The new aid includes $500 million from USAID for Ukrainian energy and the redirection of $324 million from previously announced funds for emergency energy needs in Ukraine.

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This money is intended to repair the energy infrastructure damaged by Russia and expand electricity production. Also, the new aid will encourage private sector investments and increase Ukraine's resilience to power supply failures, noted Kamala Harris.

More than $379 million in humanitarian aid is allocated to address the urgent needs of refugees, internally displaced persons and war-affected communities. This involves the provision of food aid, medical services, housing, water, sanitation and hygiene services for millions of Ukrainians in the country and region.

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In addition, the US State Department plans to provide an additional 300 million dollars to support the civil security of Ukraine, in particular for rescue equipment for Ukrainian border guards and law enforcement officers. This support will help them operate safely on the front lines, rescue civilians, protect critical infrastructure and investigate war crimes.