A sauce that will improve the taste of any unsuccessful dish

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A simple sauce recipe that can be prepared in a few minutes. And to chicken, and to fish, and to vegetables (and to raw, and to baked, and fried). I love it even just like that, with bread. Deliciously! And if suddenly the dish turned out not very tasty (for example, as sometimes happens to me, if I forgot to add spices to the fish), this sauce will perfectly complement the taste.

Of course, I will not "discover America" ​​(as many like to write in the comments), of course, this sauce is familiar to many and many people also cook it all the time. But if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!

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The main ingredient of the sauce is sour cream (or you can use Greek yogurt, which is less fatty).

I cut greens. You can take any greens. If I serve the sauce with vegetables, I add basil, parsley and a couple of mint leaves. If with fish - parsley leaves. Or I just finely chop dill - it goes well with meat and any vegetables.

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I send the greens to the sour cream and squeeze a clove of garlic here.

I mix, add salt to taste and spices. You can also use any spices you like. I usually add black pepper and aromatic dry herbs (oregano, basil, thyme or a mixture of herbs). You can add ready-made mixtures (for potato dishes, for example, or for fish dishes). You can add ground red chili for wit.

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It always turns out very tasty!

Sometimes, when I don't have any, I just add Adyghe salt and dry herbs to the sour cream. Two minutes - and the most delicious sauce is ready.

Write in the comments, do you prepare such a sour cream sauce?