How much Russia has to pay Ukraine because of the war: the exact amount was named at the G7 Summit

15.06.2024/12/31 XNUMX:XNUMX    13

Damages from the war in Ukraine, which was started by Russia, according to the calculations of the World Bank, amount to approximately $486 billion. Exactly this amount the "Big Seven" (G7) countries oblige the aggressor to pay Kyiv.

This was announced during the final of the G7 Summit in Italy. Also, Russian assets will remain frozen until Moscow ends the conflict in Ukraine and pays compensation.

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"Russia must stop its illegal war of aggression and pay for the damage caused to Ukraine. According to the World Bank, this damage already exceeds 486 billion US dollars. - reported at the summit.

It is noted that Russia caused direct damage to Ukraine in the amount of 152 billion dollars. The housing issue was named one of the most affected industries. This is not surprising, because the aggressor constantly destroys the houses of Ukrainians with his shelling. At the summit it was noted that 10% of the housing stock was damaged or destroyed.

In the same statement the participants of the summit confirmed their intention to provide Ukraine with a loan in the amount of 50 billion dollars by the end of the year. It will be repaid with income from frozen Russian assets.

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