Cyril Ramaphosa was re-elected president of South Africa

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 South Africa's parliament has re-elected Cyril Ramaphosa as the country's president following a coalition agreement between the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and opposition parties.

This is reported by the BBC, Ukrinform reports.

The new government brings together Ramaphosa's ANC, the centre-right Democratic Alliance (DA) and smaller parties.

In his post-election speech, Ramaphosa welcomed the new coalition and said voters expected leaders to "take action and work together for the benefit of everyone in the country".

The National Assembly struck the deal after weeks of speculation over who the ANC would partner with after losing its parliamentary majority for the first time in 30 years since winning 40% of the vote in last month's election, while the DA came second with 22%.

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The next step for Ramaphosa will be to distribute government posts that will include members of the Democratic Party.

Speaking in the South African parliament after his confirmation, Ramaphosa recalled his party's first presidential victory 30 years ago.

"We have been here before, we were here in 1994 when we sought to unite our country and achieve reconciliation - and we are here now," he said.

The alliance between the centre-right DA and the ANC is unprecedented as the two parties have been rivals for decades.

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Under Nelson Mandela, the ANC led the campaign against the racist apartheid system and won the country's first democratic elections. Critics of the DA accuse her of trying to protect the economic privileges of the white minority it gained under apartheid, a charge the party denies.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated Cyril Ramaphosa on his re-election to the post of President of the Republic of South Africa.

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"I wish President Ramaphosa continued successful work for the benefit of the people of South Africa. Ukraine is interested in deepening our mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation," Zelenskyy wrote on the X social network.

He also emphasized that Ukraine highly values ​​the participation of the Republic of South Africa in the Global Peace Summit and joint efforts to restore a just peace in Ukraine.