What to do in the event of an electric scooter accident

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In Ukraine, you can often find electric scooters on the roads in the summer. There are no regulated traffic rules for scooters in our country. Experts of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTSBU) told what a driver with an OSCPV should do in the event of an accident with an electric scooter.

In our country, drivers of electric scooters are equated either to pedestrians (since they constantly have one foot in contact with the road), or to cyclists. Therefore, they cannot issue an OSCPV policy. If they are guilty of an accident, they must themselves compensate for the damage to other road users.

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In the event of an accident with an electric scooter, a driver with an OSCPV must first of all make sure that the scooter was not injured. If he is injured, he should be given medical assistance and call an ambulance by calling 103.

Then you need to put up emergency signs and call the police (recall, their number is 102). The Europrotocol is not suitable in this case. In the future, you need to notify the insurance company about the event. They will tell you what to do next.

If the driver of the scooter is to blame for the accident, then compensation for damages occurs through the court. If his guilt is fully proven, then, according to the Civil Code of Ukraine, he will fully compensate for the damages.

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According to the Law No. 8300, in Ukraine there will be a gradual increase in insurance payments for OSCPV to the levels established in the European Union. Two years after this law enters into force, UAH 1 million per victim and UAH 20 million per insured event will be paid for damage to the life and health of victims, regardless of the number of victims, and up to UAH 2 million per insured event for property damage to victims case regardless of the number of victims.

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The term for considering an insurance payment application will be reduced from 90 to 60 days. In addition, drivers will be checked more often for the presence of "autocivilka". Employees of Ukrtransbezpeka will also check the presence of this document during state control.