What to put in the hole when planting tomatoes so that the vegetables give a rich harvest

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Not all summer residents use fertilizers at the time of planting in the hole, because they are sure that there is no special need for this action.

However, it is important to remember that with the help of a very simple procedure, you can make tomatoes healthy, strong and resistant. Therefore, the process of applying fertilizers to the hole should be thought through.

What secret do experienced summer residents use?

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Many have noted the very effective influence of ordinary yeast on the quality of growth of tomatoes planted in open ground. However, it is important to carry out this procedure correctly.

It is necessary to take only 10 g of ordinary yeast for a ten-liter bucket of water, dissolve it and wait four hours. Pour a glass of the product into each hole and wait 24 hours.

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After that, we grind the eggshells, mix them with the soil and add them to the holes. It remains only to transplant tomato seedlings.

Thanks to this trick, the vegetable harvest will be impressive.