Russia will interfere in the elections in Moldova in order to overthrow the Sandu government, the statement of the Western countries

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Russia arranges hybrid operations to remove the pro-European government of Moldova and make the country pro-Russian. This was announced by a coalition consisting of Canada, Great Britain and the United States, writes Politico.

In a statement released by the coalition, Russia is accused of "seeking to undermine the democratic institutions of Moldova on the eve of the October presidential elections and the referendum on Moldova's EU membership."

The countries also accused Russia of supporting opposition candidates who oppose President Maia Sandu and "inciting criticism of the government and the political party of the current president of Moldova in order to incite protests."

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"By exposing the Kremlin's conspiracy, we let Moscow know that we stand for free and fair elections and will not tolerate its attempts to interfere and undermine democratic processes. We call on the Kremlin to abandon these efforts to undermine democracy in Moldova and to respect its sovereignty and the results of free, fair and independent elections," the statement said.

The publication recalled that in recent months, Moldova and its allies have expressed concern about Russia's attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Last year, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the country's special services had uncovered a Russian plan to overthrow the Sandu government and establish its own puppet regime to control the country.

It is known that the Russian Federation occupied the Transnistrian region of Moldova, which runs along the border with Ukraine, and also stationed hundreds of Russian troops there, despite the government's calls to withdraw them from that territory.

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At the same time, the European Union last year began negotiations on Moldova's accession to the EU and launched a civilian mission in Chisinau to strengthen the country's resilience to hybrid threats and help it preserve its sovereignty in the face of aggression from the Russian Federation, Politico added.

Ukraine and Moldova - the latest news

As he wrote, on May 30, the Moldovan parliament condemned Russia's genocide against Ukraine, it is about the forced relocation and deportation of Ukrainian children in the occupied territories. However, opposition parties linked to Moscow refused to participate in the vote.

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In her turn, the president of the country, Maya Sandu, said that Ukraine never offered Moldova to "solve" the problem with the Transnistria region by force. According to him, there were no official proposals in this regard.