Rheinmetall announced the new hybrid tank Panther Evo Upgrade: three shells in 16 seconds

19.06.2024/08/16 XNUMX:XNUMX    120

The Panther Evo Upgrade uses the turret from the KF51 Panther, which offers a wide range of weaponry. Its primary weapon, the 130mm Rheinmetall Future Gun System (FGS), reportedly outperforms standard NATO 120mm guns, offering a 50% greater effective range, implying a strike distance potentially in excess of 4 kilometers. The FGS incorporates an autoloader with a rate of fire of about 11,25 rounds per minute, aided by conveyor magazines that hold ten rounds each. During the tests, the automatic loader fired three shells in 16 seconds. The FGS is capable of firing a variety of munitions, including kinetic energy (KE) projectiles such as:

  • armor-piercing shells with a stabilized fin (APFSDS) for piercing armor;
  • programmable ammunition for infantry and light equipment with programmable fuses;
  • training equipment for training.

These features allow the Panther Evo Upgrade to deal with a wide range of threats on the battlefield.

The tank is also equipped with a 12,7 mm twin machine gun designed to engage infantry, light vehicles and other light targets. This machine gun is coaxially mounted, meaning it is aligned with the main gun and integrated into the same aiming system, allowing the crew to effectively switch between the main and secondary weapons. The 12,7mm machine gun provides additional firepower in scenarios where the use of the main gun is unnecessary or impractical, thus increasing the tank's engagement capabilities.

In addition, the KF51 Panther supports Remotely Controlled Weapons (RCWS) configurations such as the Rheinmetall Natter RCWS armed with a 7,62 mm machine gun. These systems are designed for close defense and anti-drone operations, adding a critical layer of protection against emerging threats. The Natter RCWS can climb from -15° to +85°, providing a wide range of targeting angles, including aerial threats. This flexibility helps ensure that the Panther Evo Upgrade can defend against a variety of close range and aerial threats, increasing its overall survivability on the battlefield.

The KF51 Panther is also equipped with HERO 120 ammunition, which extends its striking capabilities. These munitions allow the tank to hit targets beyond line of sight, providing accurate hits at long distances. The HERO 120 can be launched from a tank to engage critical targets, providing indirect fire and supplementing the direct fire capabilities of the main gun. This integration allows the Panther Evo Upgrade to engage a wider range of targets, including those hidden or located at a distance, thereby increasing its operational effectiveness and versatility in various combat scenarios.