Zucchini freezing recipe

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In the summer, when there is nowhere to plant zucchini, there is an opportunity to make semi-finished products for the winter. If you freeze the fruits, then in the cold season you can enjoy homemade vegetable stew or zucchini soup.

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How to freeze zucchini for the winter

Zucchini, like any other vegetables or fruits, can be frozen for the winter. You can take any vegetables - young, overripe, large, small, with or without seeds. Only weak and damaged ones are not suitable.

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Wash the zucchini and wipe dry with a paper towel. Young vegetables do not need to be peeled. If you have overripe ones, then it is better to use a vegetable peeler. For vegetables that are too large, it is better to remove not only the skin, but also cut out the seeds.

How to freeze zucchini for the winter

Now you should give the zucchini the appropriate shape. If you are going to stuff them in the future, then make poly halves. If you use it for soup, cubes are better. Stew can be prepared from half-circles or quarters.

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How to freeze zucchini for the winter

You can make several cutting options. When cutting zucchini, juice will be released. It should also be soaked. Divide the zucchini blanks into portions. Place each portion in a dry plastic container that closes tightly with a lid. You can use a vacuum bag. First squeeze the air out of it and then close it.

How to freeze zucchini for the winter

If you have ordinary plastic bags, take two at once so as not to tear. Transfer the zucchini to the freezer. They can be stored until the next season, provided that the constant temperature will reach below -5 degrees.

Defrost in portions. If you have taken it out of the freezer, do not put it back - you must use it in food within a day.

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