A rocket that does not require installation: Baykar showed the rocket Kemankes with artificial intelligence (VIDEO)

16.06.2024/05/21 XNUMX:XNUMX    13

The Turkish company Kemankes 2 showed a rocket that can be launched from a pickup truck. Its compact shape and weight of only 70 kg allows it to fly more than 200 km without problems.

Missile that does not require installation: Baykar showed the Kemankes missile with artificial intelligence

It is interesting that when launching a rocket from a pickup, the operator is responsible for its acceleration to the starting speed. This is an extremely pragmatic decision, because its alternative is either an air launch or the creation of a separate accelerator with a disconnection mechanism.

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The missile has been modernized in such a way that it does not require the use of a special launcher to launch it. Thus, the rocket is quite practical, but no less effective.

Rocket manufacturer Kemankes - did not use expensive solutions for the manufacture of the racket, but this did not prevent adding artificial intelligence to the rocket. The missile received a new optical system responsible for the navigation of the missile - a new generation of DSMAC.

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