Cancer: scientists have named a food that doubles the risk

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Cancer is understood as a set of diseases that are united by the rapid reproduction of malignant cells. Scientific achievements today allow patients to live longer.

However, health authorities emphasize that the focus should remain on prevention. A certain product is believed to double the risk of one type of cancer.

A study that looked at diet, alcohol consumption and smoking among more than 40 Japanese people over 000 years found that salt affects the risk of stomach cancer.

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For their study, a group from the research institute of the National Cancer Center in Kashiwa reviewed questionnaires describing the dietary habits of all participants.

In total, almost 500 cases of stomach cancer were detected. A doubling of the risk was found in individuals who consumed the most salt (12 to 15 grams per day).

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Study leader Shoichiro Tsugane notes, "in addition to salt intake, our study also shows that smoking and low consumption of fruits and vegetables increase the risk of stomach cancer, especially in men."

Health risks associated with salt intake commonly include cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. This is due to the fact that salt causes a decrease in the amount of water, which forces the heart to work with a greater load. But the study showed that people who regularly eat salty foods also increase the risk of developing stomach cancer by two times.

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Tim Kay, an epidemiologist working at Cancer Research UK, notes that the connection of stomach cancer is particularly strong with the use of salted fish and pickled vegetables.