Putin lost his chance to crush Ukraine before the US elections, - Telegraph

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Putin may have missed an opportunity to win a decisive military victory on the front before the presidential election in the United States of America.

Francis Dearnley writes about this in an article for The Telegraph. He recalled President Joe Biden's speech on the anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, in which he linked the war in Ukraine with the sacrifice his compatriots made 80 years ago, as well as the permission to strike with American weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Recently, Ukraine struck the "command center" in Belgorod, Russian ships in the port of Taganrog, and, in the most symbolic triumph, one of the Kremlin's most modern and expensive aircraft - the Su-57 fighter.

Dearnley notes that individually these attacks do not change the strategic situation, but together with the frequent strikes on Russian oil depots, they indicate that logistically, Ukraine has reached a tipping point when it can no longer be defeated by Russian forces. In addition, recently approved aid from the States is already arriving at the front, and the Czech "missile" initiative is advancing at a rapid pace.

"The critical window of opportunity, when Moscow outnumbered and outgunned Kyiv, has almost certainly passed, and as November approaches, it will cost Vladimir Putin dearly politically. His goal was to carry out a significant invasion of Ukraine before America goes to the polls, putting Biden in an awkward position and obliging whoever wins the election to the White House to force Kyiv to negotiate peace," he added.

The journalist believes that it is necessary to reevaluate the period that lasted after last year's counteroffensive of Ukraine, which did not achieve its goals. "Instead of considering Russia's additional gains, it should be seen as a highly effective Ukrainian defense and a potentially decisive military victory," the article says.


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