"Putin is inadequate." Zelensky diagnosed Moscow's "peace plan".

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, realizing that the Peace Summit will take place tomorrow, began talking about a new ultimatum to sirens, shelling and killing civilians. Volodymyr Zelenskyy made such a statement in an interview with the Italian TV channel Sky TG24.

"Again, he is inadequate. Or he doesn't understand what's happening, what he's saying, while missile strikes are taking place at the same time. That is, either he does not control the situation, or he is inadequate: he talks about peace, but in reality he is proposing war to everyone today," said the President of Ukraine.

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In his opinion, the very face of Putin now symbolizes the Nazi ideology. However, many world leaders still do not agree with this.

"There are some skeptics in the world, they say: this is not quite Nazism yet, such a wave has not yet begun. I think, why should we all wait for this wave to start? I believe that Nazism has already arrived, and now it has Putin's face," Zelensky emphasized.

The Ukrainian president also added that those states that today are on Putin's side do not respect international law: "Most countries of the world are on the side of Ukraine, on the side of life, not because they choose Ukraine or another state, they simply respect international law."

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By the way, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that Putin's so-called ultimatum for "peace talks" with Ukraine does not differ from his previous "proposals". Zelensky explained that Putin wants to seize Ukrainian territories occupied and not occupied by Russia.

It should be noted that Putin's new statement was made on the eve of the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, which will be held on June 15-16. Representatives of the governments of all continents should come to it. With his so-called ultimatum to start "peace talks", Putin aims to disrupt the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.

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