Tips from a professional on how to keep makeup in the heat

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It became clear how to keep makeup in the heat. Preliminary preparation of the skin is very important. You need to start by cleansing your face, then apply a tonic. Such a base will help make-up to hold better. To combat oily skin, you can try using a primer before applying makeup. It makes the skin more even and helps to better mix all the products on the face. To combat shine, it is necessary to use matting agents, for example, powder or specially designed paper napkins.

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For more permanent make-up, it is recommended to use waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and eyebrow products, as they will last in conditions of high humidity or sweat. In order for makeup to last longer, you can use a setting spray. To begin with, you need to apply a tonal base on the face, preferably with the lightest possible texture. Oil-based foundations should be avoided as they can make the face look more oily.

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In the summer, oily skin is not the only type that can face excessive shine on the face, because in the heat it often sweats, releasing oxygen that oxidizes the pigment components of cosmetics, which leads to a change in the color of foundation and powder. To prevent this from happening, try to choose makeup products that are close in tone or even lighter than your natural shade.

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