Pistorius predicted when the Russian Federation might attack NATO

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Russia may attack NATO member states in five years. Such a forecast was announced by the Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius.

As Bild writes, Pistorius said that "the situation with threats has changed compared to what it was a few years ago." In this regard, he noted that the country needs to return mandatory military service.

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"We must take into account that in 2029 the Russian Federation will be able to attack one of the NATO countries. Therefore, we must restore the deterrence potential in terms of personnel," Pistorius explained.

He noted that in the near future the number of the Bundeswehr should be increased to 203. At the same time, according to NATO estimates, Germany also needs about 200 reservists.

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Pistorius shared that the Bundeswehr wants to recruit "the strongest, most trained and most motivated".

"We don't want boring and pointless military service," the minister emphasized.

Resumption of military service in Germany

At the beginning of March, Der Spiegel reported on the probable restoration of mandatory military service in Germany. According to him, the Minister of Defense of the country, Boris Pistorius, at that time had already commissioned the development of models for such a service.


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