Northrop Grumman showed a new video of Manta Ray underwater drone tests (video)

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In the spring of this year, the military-industrial corporation Northrop Grumman presented a prototype of an underwater unmanned aerial vehicle for long-term missions Manta Ray ("Skat"). Some information about it was reported by the developers themselves, something became clear by looking at the photos. Several new videos – including a panoramic tour during the test drive – reveal new details, such as the degree of underwater maneuverability and the number of propellers.

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The appearance of the "Scat" prototype was the culmination of four years of work on a secret project commissioned by DARPA (the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency). Its goal is to develop a very large autonomous underwater vehicle suitable for long-term combat missions at long distances without human supervision.

As a result, a prototype of the vessel was created, which can be launched only from a pier, and not from aboard a submarine or a ship, and the hydrodynamic shape of the hull, which really resembles a sea stingray, and a propulsion system borrowed from a glider, make it possible to smoothly rise to the surface and to descend again.

"When the Manta Ray needs to ascend or descend, it changes its buoyancy by pumping water to increase the mass of the device," explained Brian Theobald, the project's chief engineer.

In the video clips, there are answers to a number of questions that arose about the "Scat" earlier. For example, it became clear that two propellers with four blades, installed at the ends of the wings, are responsible for the movement. In addition, we were shown how maneuverable the ship is underwater and confirmed that it can sink to the bottom and be in sleep mode to save energy.

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In May, "Skat" was successful passed running tests.