German experts named the best crossovers for resale

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The German portal Ruv together with the company Schwacke, which specializes in evaluating the value of cars, compiled a list of the most profitable crossovers for purchase and subsequent resale. The rating was formed on the basis of statistical data on the preservation of the car's value after four years of operation, and also took into account monetary losses in euros.

The Romanian SUV Dacia Duster, which is sold in Ukraine under the Renault brand, was recognized as the most profitable compact SUV in Germany. In the Blue Cdi 115 4WD version (Journey trim), this model cost €24 four years ago and now costs €400. The residual value of this car was 16%.

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Mid-size crossover Land Rover Range Rover Velar became the best in terms of liquidity in its category. In the Dymanic SE version four years ago, the car cost 82 euros, while now its price has dropped by 860 euros. As a result, the Velar retained 26% of its residual value.

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BMW X6 has been recognized as the most profitable full-size SUV to buy. The xDrive30d (M Sport) model lost 35 euros in value over four years, and its residual value was 220%.

Thus, Dacia Duster, Land Rover Range Rover Velar and BMW X6 turned out to be the best options for those who plan not only to use a crossover, but also to later sell it profitably.

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