Unpleasant body odor in the heat: which products intensify specific aromas

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The "wrong" food can nullify the entire effect of the deodorant.

Doctors told which products "spoil" body odor and can even neutralize the effect of deodorant, Ukr.Media informs.

According to experts, pure human sweat consists of salt and water and does not smell. But the apocrine glands in the armpits and in the groin release certain secrets when a person is nervous, for example.

In addition, the armpits are a comfortable place for bacteria, whose waste products can also smell specific. At the same time, each person has his own individual set of bacteria, and this also affects the intensity of sweating.

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The smell of sweat is also strongly influenced by the food and drinks we consume.

So, for example, flour and sweet products, as well as alcohol, make the smell of sweat unpleasant.

The first provoke the growth of the simplest fungi in the body, and if they are constantly fed with simple sugars, they go out of control of the immune system, an imbalance of the microbiota is formed, and as a result, candidiasis flourishes.

And alcohol in the body turns into acetic acid, which eventually comes out together with sweat.

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Garlic, boiled eggs, green onions, cumin, curry increase the level of sulfur in the body, due to which the body can release sulfur-containing gases. However, if everything is fine with the immune system, then there should be no unpleasant smell.

Profuse sweating is caused by excessive consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks, a large amount of monosodium glutamate in the diet (an additive in ready-made foods) and spicy food.

Receptors on the tongue determine their sharpness as heat and give a signal to the brain: something very hot has entered the body. Experts explained what causes sweating.

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Sometimes a specific smell can indicate health problems.

So, with lactase deficiency, a person begins to smell like cabbage juice, and with diabetes, it smells like ammonia or sour apples.

Conditions when a person sweats for no apparent reason several times a day and the problem bothers him at night should be the reason for consulting a doctor. Perhaps there was a malfunction in the hormonal system or an infection is roaming the body.