Named the best type of fat for reducing the risk of stroke

15.06.2024/17/31 XNUMX:XNUMX    4

Eating foods with a certain type of fat reduces the risk of stroke. This is stated in the results of the study.

In the course of the study, scientists studied the diet of more than 135 people aged 35 to 70. During the entire period of observation, 5 cases of death and 796 cases of serious cardiovascular diseases were detected. The experts concluded that a higher intake of carbohydrates could be the cause of death in all cases except cardiovascular disease, and consumption of saturated fat was found to reduce the risk of stroke.

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At the same time, experts warn against consuming too much of such fats, as this can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels and, conversely, increase the risk of heart disease. But a small amount of fat is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. The main sources of saturated fats are fatty meats, sausages, butter, cream and sour cream, ice cream, as well as chocolate confectionery, cookies, cakes and pastries.