The most complete pterosaur skeleton found in Australia belonged to a previously unknown species

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A previously unknown species of flying dinosaurs, pterosaurs, was discovered by Australian paleontologists. It lived during the Cretaceous period about one hundred million years ago and had a wingspan of more than four meters. The find is also unique because these fossils are the most complete pterosaur skeleton ever found in Australia. Article published in the journal Scientific reports.

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What are the features of the new species?

Thin and delicate throat bones suggested to scientists that the owner of the remains ate fish and cephalopods. And the analysis of the shape of the skull and humerus together with the location of the teeth indicated that this is a previously unknown species from the group Anhangueria. The new pterosaur has been named Haliskia peterseni in honor of researcher Kevin Peterson, who found these remains.

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Since pterosaur fossils are quite rare in Australia, such finds help scientists fill in the gaps in understanding the evolution of these flying reptiles. They also suggest that Australia's Cretaceous fauna was much more diverse than previously thought.