Extreme indecision: why Biden and Scholz do not see Ukraine in NATO

11.06.2024/18/21 XNUMX:XNUMX    8

Joe Biden says that peace in Ukraine means ensuring that Russia can never occupy Ukraine. And in his opinion, NATO membership is not necessary for this. Focus found out what this thesis of the US president means in the light of the Alliance's July summit in Washington.

On Friday, June 7, negotiations between Presidents Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Joe Biden took place in Paris, who announced a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of $225 million. As the AR agency notes, the president of the United States also apologized for the months-long delay in the delivery of American military aid, which allowed Russia to gain certain advantages on the battlefield. At the same time, Biden emphasized that the American people will support Ukraine in the long term: "We are still with you. Fully. Quite".

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Meanwhile, a few days earlier in an interview with Time, Joe Biden, answering a question about how he sees peace in Ukraine after the Russian-Ukrainian war, said the following: "Peace looks like a guarantee that Russia will never, never, never, never , does not occupy Ukraine. This is what peace looks like. And this does not mean NATO, that is, that they (Ukraine-ed.) are part of NATO. This means that we have the same relationship with them as we do with other countries to which we supply arms so that they can defend themselves in the future. But... I was the one who said that I am not ready to support the NATOization of Ukraine."


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