On the weekend, Ukraine will be covered by a powerful cold cyclone from the south

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The cyclone approaching the southern regions of Ukraine will be the main factor in shaping the weather over the weekend. According to forecaster Natalka Didenko, the center of the cyclone will be located over the south of Ukraine, gradually shifting to the eastern regions during Saturday and Sunday.

Short-term thunderstorms, sometimes heavy downpours, squalls and hail are expected. The cyclone will have the greatest impact on the southern regions (with the exception of Odesa) and the eastern regions, affecting also the central regions, except Vinnytsia. The cyclone will move to the east and then to the north, covering the northern regions of the country.

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Only the western regions, Odesa and Vinnytsia will remain under the influence of high atmospheric pressure, which will cause a lack of precipitation in these regions.

The air temperature in the coming days will vary from +20 to +26 degrees during the day in most areas, and in rainy regions it will decrease to +17...+19 degrees. In Luhansk region, the temperature will rise to +27...+30 degrees.

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In Kyiv, on June 15-16, periodic rains and thunderstorms are expected. The maximum air temperature on the weekend will be +20...+22 degrees, in rainy weather it will drop to +17...+20 degrees.

Residents are advised to prepare for rain: bring raincoats, rubber boots, light clothing to protect against mosquitoes, and don't forget warm clothes.

From the beginning of next week, the air temperature in Ukraine will gradually rise, marking a typical summer warming.

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Weekend weather

  • Southern regions: Thunderstorms, showers, squalls, hail (except Odeshchyna)
  • Eastern regions: Thunderstorms, showers, squalls
  • Central regions: Thunderstorms, showers, squalls (except Vinnytsia)
  • Western regions, Odesa, Vinnytsia: Sunny, without precipitation
  • Kyiv: Periodic rains, thunderstorms in places, temperature +20...+22 degrees, in rainy weather it drops to +17...+20 degrees

Forecasters advise to prepare for changing weather conditions and plan your weekend taking into account possible precipitation.