A nuclear submarine and a frigate of the Russian fleet have arrived in Cuba

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 The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, accompanied by a tugboat and a fuel vessel, have arrived in Cuba for a five-day visit that Moscow sees as a show of force amid rising tensions over the military invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by Ukrinform, Al Jazeera reported on this.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the submarine and frigate are equipped with hypersonic Zircon missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles and Onyx anti-ship missiles, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

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It is noted that the unusual deployment of the Russian navy so close to the territory of the United States occurred after Washington and some other Western allies of Ukraine allowed Kiev to use its weapons on targets in the Russian Federation amid renewed Russian offensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region.

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Havana is located 160 kilometers from Key West, which is in the southern state of Florida, where the US naval air base is located.

"It also reminds Russia's friends in the region, including Cuba and Venezuela, that Moscow is on their side," said Benjamin Gedan, director of the Latin America program at the Washington, DC think tank Wilson Center.

On June 6, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba announced that from June 12 to 17, four Russian warships will be in the port of Havana.

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