A sea otter took boards from surfers in California

15.06.2024/06/10 XNUMX:XNUMX    3

A five-year-old sea otter made a series of attacks on surfers in order to take away the board. People were not injured, but the local police are still concerned about the animal's behavior.

As CBS News reports, law enforcement agencies have already received five complaints about the impudent otter. According to the surfers, the animal did not try to bite or otherwise harm them, it was completely focused on the surfers.

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Such behavior is not typical for otters, but it is reported that this individual already tried to take boards from vacationers last year. Then she managed to scare away from the coast, but recently she returned and took up the old.

The local authorities hung a sign on the beach warning about the otter. They also hope to capture the animal and send it to scientists for study.

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"Due to the increased risk to public safety, a team from CDFW and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, trained in the capture and handling of stingrays, was dispatched to attempt to capture her," the city council said.

If an otter violating public order can be caught, it will be moved to another place.