Milk, cream or ice cream: what is more useful to add to coffee

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How to make the right choice.

By adding milk, cream or ice cream to coffee, you make the drink softer and more nutritious, informs Ukr.Media.

Which coffee is tastier and healthier?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and many people prefer to add different ingredients to their cup. One such ingredient is milk. Milk contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates that can add nutrition to the drink.

Cream is also a popular option to add to coffee. Cream contains more fat than milk and can give the drink a creamy texture. In addition, cream has a richer taste, which can improve the taste of coffee.

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Ice cream is an unusual, but still interesting choice to add to coffee. Ice cream has a sweet taste and creamy texture that can make coffee sweeter and more refreshing. In addition, ice cream contains milk and sugar, which adds additional nutrients to the drink.

Health hazards

However, when adding milk, cream or ice cream to coffee, it is important to consider some factors. If you're watching your calorie intake, ice cream and cream can be higher-calorie options than milk. Also, if you are allergic to lactose, then milk, cream and ice cream will not be suitable choices for you.

The habit of drinking coffee with added milk, cream or ice cream can also affect the absorption of some nutrients. Calcium, which is found in dairy products, can slow down the absorption of iron from coffee. Therefore, if you have problems with iron deficiency, you should pay attention to this when choosing coffee supplements.

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Separately, it is worth mentioning that adding milk, cream or ice cream to coffee can also change the taste of the drink. Milk can soften the bitterness of coffee and give it a milder taste. Cream, on the other hand, can add a richer and creamier taste, and ice cream - sweetness and a special dessert flavor.

In the end, choosing between milk, cream or ice cream to add to your coffee depends on your preferences and needs. Milk is a lower-calorie and nutritious option, cream gives the coffee a richer taste and texture, and ice cream makes the drink refreshing and sweet.

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