Doctors called the symptoms of liver disease, requiring urgent hospitalization

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With liver disease, symptoms appear mainly in the advanced stages of the disease, so it is very important to monitor the state of health. Doctors named the main sign that the patient needs urgent hospitalization.

Sometimes fat accumulates in liver cells, then doctors diagnose fatty hepatosis. It can be associated with the presence of extra pounds and even high blood pressure.

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Symptoms usually appear in the last stages, so a person may not suspect liver disease.

A mild form of fatty hepatosis is asymptomatic, from the second stage scarring of the liver is already observed, which can progress to cirrhosis.

Experts warn that if vomiting with blood begins, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. Such a symptom may indicate internal bleeding.

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Among the signs of liver disease, doctors distinguish the following: darkening of urine, yellowing of the skin and eyeballs, swelling of the lower abdomen, stools with an unpleasant black smell, confusion or memory impairment, as well as itching on some areas of the skin.