NASA's Mars rover recorded super-powerful bursts of energy on the Red Planet - video

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NASA Curiosity's radiation detectors recorded a record powerful solar flare on mars.

The sun is at the peak of its 11-year cycle, which means that bursts of energy and particles into space are likely to be recorded. On May 20, a very powerful solar flare was recorded, which also hit the Red Planet.

Unlike Earth, which has a magnetic field that traps particles in the atmosphere, shielding the surface from such radiation, Mars long ago lost its protective magnetic field. So charged particles have a significant impact on the Martian surface. What was happening on Mars at the time of the flare was recorded by NASA's Curiosity rover.

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“Recently, routine dust monitoring coincided with a large solar event hitting the Red Planet, and charged particles hitting the camera caused distortion. This is the largest burst of radiation recorded since [the rover] landed in 2012!” Curiosity's X (Twitter) page said.

It would be extremely difficult for any person to withstand the radiation encountered by the rover.

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